This is a collection of COVID-19 policy trackers and data. It covers cross-country research in the areas of non-pharmaceutical interventions, economic and social policy responses, public attitudes, politics and media coverage.

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We have now migrated to a new website. For further updates, please visit: Oxford Supertracker: The Global Directory for COVID Policy Trackers and Surveys

A tracker of trackers: COVID-19 policy responses and data

The amount of COVID-19 related research being produced within the first weeks following the implementation of far-reaching lockdowns across the globe has been impressive. To keep track of new sources, I have compiled a collection of currently over 100 policy trackers and datasets on the topic. The compilation is not meant to be exhaustive and I am grateful for general feedback you may have or suggestions on new sources. I am updating the tracker of trackers on a daily basis. Please email me at or follow me on Twitter for updates.

Sections 15. and 16. on surveys are edited by Elias Naumann. For suggestions, please email him at

The tracker of trackers collection has lead to the creation of the Oxford Supertracker: The Global Directory for COVID Policy Trackers and Surveys, a joint project by Mary Daly, Bernhard Ebbinghaus, Lukas Lehner, Marek Naczyk and Tim Vlandas at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention (DSPI) at the University of Oxford funded by the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) and the Oxford ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA). Please visit the new website and subscribe to receive regular updates on new sources.

This collection started initially as a Twitter Thread in March 2020 and is based on a collaborative effort with suggestions from @B_Ebbinghaus, @timvlandas, @AliBargu, @ertugrul_polat_, @roosa_jolkkonen, @MoreiraAmilcar, @FrancescaAliaB, @FNoeth, @PhoebeIshak, @OstermeierMa, @BisciariP, @LuMesserschmidt, @jimmy810920, @perezludena, @olgaloblova, @LTCcovid, @Luckinger, @KnowsOnions, @SebDiessner, Grant Mills, @AnToniPichler, @Anne_Parth, @O_LJ, @PeterSWyckoff, @JoachimGassen, @ToddOfMess, @leecrawfurd, @tozCSS, @jwkritchie @juliascanney, @AllbriteAllday @AltPrimate, @econ_hmg, @hmryder, @TimGoedeme, @Covid_Africa, @elinaribakova, @JuliaGruebler, @TobyMPhillips, @shelter_live, @ashamin, Seth Schimmel, @AsjadNaqvi, @jsvine, @zehrarizvi Karel Mertens, @_CatJones_, @JuliaRaifman, Phoebe Dunn, @kbbolch, @LiviaFritz, and @KonstPoensgen.

The collection is structured around the areas of

1. Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions incl. Confinement and Travel

2. Macroeconomic and Financial Policy

3. Tax Policy

4. Trade Policy and FDI

5. Social and Employment Policy

6. Health and Care Policy

7. Education, Research and Innovation

8. Regions, Cities, SMEs, Tourism

9. Behavioural Responses and Mobility

10. Politics, Elections, Policy Making

11. Civic Freedom, Human Rights, Media

12. War, Peace and Civil Unrest

13. Prisons, Courts and Judiciary Systems

14. International Development, Philantropy

15. National Surveys (with probability samples)

edited by @eliasnau

Countries in this section (with number of surveys in brackets): Germany (3), US (2), Netherlands (1), Norway (1), UK(1)

16. National and comparative surveys (with non-probability samples)

edited by @eliasnau

We rank order the list of surveys by sampling method used. Surveys with non-probability samples either use quota sampling from commercial opt-in panels or snowballing via social media. We list surveys with quota sampling first, since we believe that they provide somewhat higher data quality compared to snowball sampling. Within each category we rank order surveys according the number of countries covered.

Quota sampling

Snowballing sampling


Additional Sources: Research & other collections