Transparency and reproducibility are core values guiding my research. I frequently collect primary data, which I aim to make accessible to the public. During the pandemic, I founded the Oxford Supertracker to assist researchers in navigating new data sources.

Oxford Supertracker: The Global Directory for COVID Policy Trackers and Surveys, 07/2020 (joint with Mary Daly, Bernhard Ebbinghaus, Marek Naczyk and Tim Vlandas)
Grant awarded: Research England’s Higher Education Innovation Fund and the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account through the University of Oxford’s COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund
Coverage: Nature News.
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Abstract The Oxford Supertracker is a global directory of over several hundred policy trackers and surveys related to COVID-19. This novel collection is designed to assist researchers and policy-makers in keeping track of a rapidly growing number of data sources. You can search and identify relevant information resources, such as datasets, surveys, and systematic collections, across different areas, countries and data types.

A tracker of trackers: COVID-19 policy responses and data, 04/2020
Coverage: Data is Plural, The Grumpy Economist Blog, Grand Bargain Cash Sub Group, LSE, Cornell University, Leiden University, University of Bonn, IZA - Institute of Labor Economics.
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Abstract The amount of COVID-19 related research being produced within the first weeks following the implementation of far-reaching lockdowns across the globe has been impressive. To keep track of new sources, I have compiled a collection of currently over 100 policy trackers and datasets on the topic. The compilation is not meant to be exhaustive and I am grateful for general feedback you may have or suggestions on new sources.

Causes and Consequences of Unemployment in the COVID-19 pandemic
(SUF edition), 06/2022,, AUSSDA, V1,
(joint with Daniel Schönherr).
Technical report by SORA, summary of findings by Momentum Institut
Coverage: ORF, ORF ZIB 1, Heute, Kleine Zeitung, Salzburger Nachrichten, Vorarlberg Online.
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Abstract The study "Causes and Consequences of Unemployment in the COVID-19 pandemic" addresses the financial and psychological consequences of unemployment for those affected in the second year of the Corona pandemic. The study is based on an Austria-wide standardised telephone survey of 1844 people aged 15 to 64. The interviews took place between 29 May and 11 July 2021. 1215 interviewees were unemployed at the time of the interview, 332 of them long-term unemployed, 629 interviewees were employed.